The traditional cuisine of Khevi

The traditional cuisine of Khevi

The traditional cuisine of Khevi is nutritious and adapted to the life and character of the Mokhevs.

The traditional dishes of Kazbegi are mainly made of flour and dairy products, however, Mokhevian cuisine is also distinguished by meat dishes, especially the well-known and beloved dish - the mokhevian (mokhevuri) Khinkali.

In ancient times, the Mokhevs mainly ate flour-based dishes, using barley, kersvili (mixture of barley and rye), corn (mchadi) flour, wheat. They baked both with yeast and without (water-based bread). The baking technique is interesting - the bread was baked on stone slabs or right next to the Keria fire slate. Nowadays, it is also baked in special stone ovens, as well as on stones or refractory bricks.

Mokhevian traditional baked dishes include Kada guliani (with cheese and erbo stuffing), Khabidzgina, Khachopuri, Mkhlovani (with cheese and potato, cottage cheese, various herb stuffings), Shamakrula (with potato stuffing), Jimlovana (with mushroom stuffing).

Alcoholic beverages in Kazbegi are traditionally made vodka and brewed beer.

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