Shiomghvime monastery complex

Shiomghvime monastery complex

Shiomghvime monastery complex is located on the left bank of Mtkvari, 12 km away from Mtskheta. It was founded in the VI century by Shio, one of the Thirteen Assyrian Fathers. Historical sources tell us that he spent the last years of his life in a dark cave and was buried there according to his will, hence the name of the monastery (literally translates as “Shio’s cave”). His grave is considered a sacred place.

The Shiomghvime monastery complex includes the domed church of St. John the Baptist, the so-called upper church, the refectory, and the chapel near the monastery. Shiomghvime is also distinguished by the fact that it used to be an important cultural-literary center in Georgia.

Shiomghvime can be visited on a one-day tour; it takes a 1-hour drive from Tbilisi and about 20 minutes from Mtskheta to reach it. Shiomghvime Monastery is known for its beautiful views and nature.

Photo: travelgeorgia.tu/A. Muhranoff

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