Samtavro Monastery

Samtavro Monastery

One of the most important cultural monuments of Mtskheta, Samtavro Monastery, is located in the center of Mtskheta, on the Samtavro Valley.

The complex includes a cross-domed church built in the 1030s, St. Nino's church, bell tower, fence and tower. It is believed that St. Nino lived here for three years. The first Christian king of Kartli Mirian and Queen Nana are buried here, in the church. The church is an important architectural monument, this cross-domed building is decorated with interesting ornaments. The dome was destroyed by an earthquake in 1283, it was rebuilt at the turn of the XIII-XIV centuries. The tombs of King Mirian and Queen Nana are in the southwest corner of the church.

As for the fence, it dates back to the XVIII century. The damaged cylindrical tower is the only remaining part of it, while the current fence dates back to the 19th century. There is a cemetery in the northern and northeastern parts of the fence.

The history of the Samtavro Convent begins in 1811. At a time when monastic life was fading in Georgia, ten nuns initiated the establishment of a monastery in Samtavro, and it still functions today.

Samtavro is one of the most important and remarkable monuments of Mtskheta from the historical and cultural point of view.

Photo: Marcin Konsek

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