Mukhrani fortress

Mukhrani fortress

Mukhrani fortress is located in Mtskheta municipality, in the village of Mukhrani, in the historical Shiosubani, and dates back to the 18th century. In recent periods, it was the residence of the House of Mukhrani. The fortress includes a citadel and a fence. A large fence surrounds the citadel from the north and east. There are cylindrical towers in all four corners of the citadel, and in the northeastern part of the inner castle, there is the church of the palace.

There is an inscription on the top of the citadel gate, according to which the fortress was built in the 1730s by Mamuka Mukhranbatoni with the help of Levan Mukhranbatoni. The damaged castle was rebuilt in 1756 by the Sakhltukhutsesi (Lord Chancellor) Konstantine Mukhranbatoni.

During the invasions, the village of Mukhrani, as well as nearby villages would be sheltered in the Mukhrani fortress with their property.

The last owner of the fortress was Ivan Mukhranbatoni, after whose death his successor, Konstantine, sold the palace. The fortress was used for different purposes in different periods.

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