Mount Kazbegi

Mount Kazbegi

Mount Kazbegi (or Mount Kazbek) is located in Kazbegi municipality, on the Khokh Range. Its height is 5054 meters above sea level. Mount Kazbegi is the third-highest peak in Georgia and the seventh-highest peak in the Caucasus. The glaciers of Kazbek include Suatis, Mna, Ortsveri, and Devdaraki. The river Tergi (Terek) originates from one of the glaciers.

The Georgian name, Mkinvartsveri, translates to “Glacier Peak” or “Freezing Cold Peak".

Mount Kazbegi is a region of mountaineering and tourism, so it attracts many climbers, although you do not need to be a climber or mountaineer to ascend this peak.

Anyone can get to the summit, but it is necessary to go with an experienced team, have the appropriate equipment and a guide with you. Physical and psychological fitness is also very important.

The best time to climb Mount Kazbegi is the second half of summer and the beginning of September, as the weather is most conducive for climbers at this time, although more experienced people climb at other times of the year as well.

The classic route to the glacier begins at Gergeti Trinity Church.

Photo credit: CENN

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