A love story from mountains

A love story from mountains

Khvaramze was a folk narrator, a poet from Pshavi in the XIX century. Khvaramze's most famous romantic poem is "Love of Vajika and Khvaramze," a dialogue between a woman and a man in love. There is a legend about them:

Khvaramze was a beautiful woman from Pshavi, and Vajika Nakvetauri fell in love. He asked to marry him, but Khvaramze refused. Vajika got pissed and got married to another woman. Khvaramze also got married by her parents to a rich and older man, although she never stopped loving Vajika for the rest of her life.

One rainy day, Vajika rode a horse near Khvaramze's house. Khvaramze noticed him but did not show up. After he was gone, she surrounded the fence for his horse's footsteps so that the rain would not remove it.

Since 2010, a literary competition "Khvaramzeoba" has been held in Tianeti, where the authors of the best poems and women poets are revealed.

Photo: David Khelashvili Photography

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