Ksani Fortress

Ksani Fortress

Ksani Fortress is located in Mtskheta Municipality, near the village of Tsikhisdziri, at the confluence of the Ksani and Mtkvari rivers, on Sarkineti Mountain. It is also referred to as the Mtkvari Fortress.

Through a convenient location, the fortress controlled important crossroads.

The fortress was built by Bagrat I, Prince of Mukhrani in 1512 when battles were going on between King David X of Kartli and George II of Kakheti.

The castle immediately became George’s target - he laid siege to it. According to legend, after a three-month siege, George mockingly sent new wine to Bagrat, thinking that the defenders were starving. When in response he received a live salmon from the castle well, George became convinced that the siege was futile as the fortress was provided with water and food, and retreated.

Ksani Fortress includes a fence, a prism tower, a two-cylinder tower, a five-storey tower, a reservoir, and a cellar.

The castle has access from the south-west. The route can be challenging, but you will be rewarded with beautiful views at the end of the road.

Photo credit: travelgeorgia.ru / A. Muhranoff

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